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The CIO 100: 2017

CIO 100 CIO 100
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We reveal the world's top 100 CIOs, in partnership with leading cyber security and systems management company, Tanium.

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    In a world of big data, rapid business transformation, and with less than a year until the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, introducing large fines for data breaches, the CIO has become one of the most important leaders in the C-suite.

    HotTopics.ht partnered with leading cyber security and IT operations company, Tanium, to define and celebrate the top 100 CIOs globally.

    Within the CIO 100, the retail sector beats financial services to dominate the list with nearly one in five (19%) CIOs on the list working in the industry. These include major fashion houses like Burberry and Harvey Nichols, and British national treasures like John Lewis and the Post Office.

    The financial sector comes in closely behind (16 of 100) followed by the communications and technology space (14 of 100). In contrast, high-value sectors such as pharmaceuticals and professional services accounted for less than 5 per cent of the list.

    Almost one third (30 of 100) of the CIOs featured are at businesses with UK headquarters, demonstrating the UK’s position as a leading business center. Of that 30, one fifth are women – including Rachel Murphy of NHS Digital and Anna Barsby at Morrisons – which exceeds the global average of 16%.

    The CIO 100 were chosen by their peers based on a range of criteria including the IT systems changes they’ve spearheaded, the impact they’ve had within and beyond their organization, as well as their wider contribution to improving information management and security.

    The list was compiled by an expert panel comprised of leading CIOs and commentators, including Dr Bill Limond (Transport for London’s first CIO), Catherine Doran (former Royal Mail CIO) and Mark Samuels (business journalist and former editor at CIO Connect).

    Announcing the CIO 100, Matt Ellard, Vice President of EMEA at Tanium said:

    “With information security and IT operations more important than ever, chief executives are increasingly looking to their CIO for strategic counsel and guidance. CIOs are critical leaders in the C-suite and this list highlights those people leading the pack.

    To view the entire CIO 100, check out the interactive infographic above.