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The 100 most influential fintech leaders in 2016

most influential fintech leaders most influential fintech leaders
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In partnership with 360Leaders, here are the 100 most influential fintech leaders in 2016.

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    It is no secret that the financial services industry continues to be transformed by the digital revolution.

    According to PWC, roughly 20% of financial services business is at risk of disruption to fintech companies by 2020.

    It follows that investment into the sector continues to rise. In 2015, funding of fintech businesses more than doubled from the previous year, reaching $12.2 billion in total(up from $5.6 billion in 2014).

    The way in which consumers and businesses pay, loan and manage their money has been revolutionized by technology and innovation.

    Fintech, and the leading individuals and companies within the sector, is therefore a key focus area for Hot Topics.

    And after the success of our inaugural list of the 100 most influential fintech leaders in 2015, we decided to repeat the endeavor this year.

    To do so, we partnered with the leading tech executive search firm, 360Leaders, and high-profile, London-based newspaper City AM.

    We requested nominations from the Hot Topics global community of business leaders for those individuals that are dominating the fintech ecosystem.

    The response drew up hundreds of names spanning entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, analysts, corporate executives and industry personalities.

    The resulting 100 most influential fintech leaders for 2016 are the names that fitted one or more of the initial criteria, based on the individuals that have:

    – founded, built or run companies that are driving innovation in financial services through technology

    – invested in the companies that are dominating the fintech sector

    – driven change within large, global financial institutions through investing in and integrating technology

    – a significant following and influence within the fintech sector and have set the agenda for key trends throughout the year.

    To view the entire list of the 100 most influential fintech leaders for 2016, please view the interactive infographic above.

    Congratulations to all the individuals and companies that have been included.