How CFOs move from reactive to proactive leadership

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How CFOs move from reactive to proactive leadership

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In this HotTopics' C-Suite Exchange, we delve into the journey of CFOs as they transition from reactive to proactive approaches in finance management.


With an emphasis on strategic foresight and data-driven decision-making, this C-Suite Exchange session explores the evolving role of CFOs in driving organisational growth and resilience. Leading financial executives discuss and debate the CFO’s role, boardroom relationships and actionable strategies for leveraging technology, data analytics, and collaborative partnerships in order to anticipate challenges and capitalise on new market opportunities.


How CFOs move from reactive to proactive leadership

📍 Location: Virtual event
🗓 Date: Wednesday, 3rd July 2024
🕛 Time:  12 - 2 PM BST
👥 The Hosts: Peter Stojanovic, Editor | Doug Drinkwater, Director of Strategy


What to expect at a HotTopics' C-Suite Exchange

Tailored for an executive audience, HotTopics' C-Suite Exchanges provide a dedicated space for our community to explore critical topics, exchange insights, learn from one another, and expand their professional networks outside of our hybrid flagship event, The Studio.


Who can attend?

This event is designed for  CIOs, CFOs, CMOs, CEOs,  and Procurement, Finance Controllers and Finance Operations leads who are interested in cost and expense management


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