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Whitepaper: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Event Marketing World

Food for Thought Food for Thought

Unlock insights on post-pandemic event marketing from top leaders. Download the whitepaper to adapt strategies & thrive in the new era of events.

The post-pandemic world has altered the landscape of event marketing in ways we could never have imagined. As we navigate this new terrain, it’s crucial for industry and marketing leaders to join forces, adapt to the changes and capitalise on the unique opportunities that have arisen. Our whitepaper charts the core elements of these opportunities, delving into the insights and strategies needed to excel in this new era of events, featuring invaluable contributions from top marketing professionals, below.

Whitepaper: Navigating the Post-Pandemic Event Marketing World

Our comprehensive whitepaper, “Navigating the Post-Pandemic Event Marketing World,” is the result of an exclusive Food for Thought lunch, hosted by HotTopics and BlueJeans by Verizon, and moderated by HotTopics’ Editor, Peter Stojanovic. With contributions from esteemed marketing leaders across various industries, this whitepaper sheds light on the challenges, trends and innovations shaping the future of event marketing.

Thank you to the following marketing leaders for their insights:

  • Amy Mortlock, EMEA Marketing Director, NetSPI
  • Claire Macland, Senior VP Global Marketing, Equinix
  • David Keene, CMO, Wipro
  • Helen Trim, SVP Marketing EMEA & APAC, Coupa Software
  • Marie Thornton, Head of International Marketing, BlueJeans by Verizon
  • Mitali Isrsani, Marketing Director, Medallia
  • Maya Price, Marketing Director, SAP UKI
  • Sakina Najmi, VP Marketing, Tractable
  • Sumi Shukla, VP Marketing, Riverbed
  • Suzi Williams, NED, JD Sports Fashion plc
  • Wayne Ellis, Marketing Director, HotTopics


  • Peter Stojanovic, Editor, HotTopics

Key takeaways to navigating the post-pandemic event marketing world

  1. Discover how event marketing is evolving in response to changing attendee habits and preferences.
  2. Learn how to strike the perfect balance between in-person, hybrid, and virtual events in your annual calendar to cater to diverse audience needs.
  3. Uncover the essential strategies that every B2B marketer should incorporate into their post-pandemic event marketing arsenal to ensure success.

To download the whitepaper and gain access to these invaluable insights, simply fill out the form below.