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Perfecting Customer Experiences in 2021—2


How can technology leaders provide the best services to their internal customers, clients and wider networks—and which technologies are best supporting you in this?

Customer experience is still the main competitive advantage for businesses today but with an array of competitors, different platforms on which to reach customers and rising tension between online access and privacy, the debate has become more complex. Discover in this roundtable debate what technology leaders are doing to help customers, clients and employees enjoy their products and services, and what challenges remain.

Bridgid Nzekwu, former Channel 4 News Newsreader and Moderator, chats with Jesper Frederiksen, VP, GM, Okta; Andreas Zografos, Chief Information Officer, Vous Hotels and Retreats; Monika Schulze, Head of Customer and Innovation Management, Zurich Insurance; Gregory Morely, Group CIO, United Living Group. In partnership with Okta.