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AI Governance for the Data-Driven Business


Solutions may be arriving but what about the guardrails to structure AI's use? These leaders debate the future.

This debate explores the data governance principles present today and question how far they go to protect users. Emergent technologies such as machine learning and the still-to-come AI have the ability to transform basic data lakes into intelligence that has the power to improve experiences, build new products and streamline technological processes. But how useful are they for the business without foundational data? And are our data ethics principles lagging behind the pace of change?

Mohan Mahadevan, VP, Research, Onfido; Dax Grant, CIO, HSBC; Tony Sweeney, CIO Asset Finance, Close Brothers; Pawan Chawla, CISO, Future Generali India Life Insurance, will discuss the role of data, machine learning and AI on our laws, and the make-up of a truly data-driven, ethically minded business. In partnership with Onfido.