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Nicola Mendelsohn

Facebook VP EMEA on what’s next for the business

Facebook VP EMEA on what’s next for the business

Facebook arguably has been the most significant Internet force of the century thus far.

And despite being around for just 12 years, it becomes difficult to imagine a world before it.

Starting humbly out of Harvard by a little known graduate named Mark Zuckerberg, it ballooned into the gargantuan force to become a staple of our social diet, first virtually, but as it matured, physically too.

It certainly wasn’t the first social network, with many coming before it, yet nothing captivated the world’s attention quite like it.

Perhaps it was the seemingly overnight access we were given into others personal worlds, for better or worse making it easier than ever to gain an understanding of one another. Things before Facebook were just a little bit different. It has been a powerful force in bringing people together. Something this week’s guest, Nicola Mendelsohn took no time at all to point out.

Her role as VP EMEA makes her the most senior Facebook employee outside of the US, and Mendelsohn spent 20 years in creative agencies before leaving her role as executive chairman at Karmarama in 2013.

Since Nicola Mendelsohn has arrived, change has been significant. Perhaps the most significant of all being Facebook’s transition towards being a mobile first platform, which back in 2012 represented practically none of the businesses overall revenue.

These days are long gone. Figures were released suggesting that of the 1.59bn people using the platform every month, that 1.44bn of these were on mobile devices. And now, an overwhelming majority of users prefer mobile to its desktop counterpart, with it representing 80% of total revenue.

The changes have certainly been profound, and there is plenty more going on behind the scenes of the worlds largest social network.

Nicola Mendelsohn gave us a brief insight into what we can expect. To find out, listen to the full podcast above.

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