Chief Data Officer 100 2023: Vote now

The deadline for nominations is Friday 14 July.

Nominate the Chief Data Officer you believe is spearheading growth and innovation for their firm, and deserves to be recognised.

HotTopics is pleased to announce that nominations are now open for The Chief Data Officer 100 2023.

Once again with this Award we aim to discover and showcase the top 100 leaders globally who are using data to unlock value, lead innovation and transform their organisations by activating the power of data. 

With this call for nominations comes at a time of great significance for the Chief Data Officer and their remit. The power of analytics has coincided with the competitive value that comes from having a sound data governance plan, amid a period of industry turbulence. Collecting data is no longer enough, if it ever was; leaders are expected to bring to life the data they collect, turning analytics into intelligence and intelligence into actions. And as actions today include capitalising on early AI applications and software, which has the potential of evolving our economies at scales of previous revolutions, the value the Chief Data Officer brings to the table increases by several orders of magnitude.

The collaborative C-suite is central to any business transformation journey. For a business to survive it must invest in the technologies that enable it to engage deeper with customers, keep users secure, run services more efficiently and help teams discover new lines of business. All of those – and more – require data. Clearly, the individuals in charge of this asset, data activators, are now poised to help lead their businesses.

Nearly 300 billion terabytes of data is collected by organisations globally every day. That information comes from myriad sources and has the potential to be used for far more; executive boards are extremely mindful that sound data practice, management and governance are now core to their organisation’s future. It is for these reasons why it is so important to showcase and celebrate these leaders.

The Judging Panel for the Chief Data Officer 100 2023 will be announced shortly.


Chief Data Officer 100 Criteria:

  • Have disrupted their industry or their company using data, cloud analytics and/or ML/AI to activate new growth, optimise costs, open additional revenue channels or ways of working.
  • Established a culture of data literacy, building a robust data activation strategy and framework of intelligence to see around corners, gain competitive advantage and accelerate growth.
  • Innovating the analytics space with business-impacting use of AI, machine learning to provide new services to customers and a better customer experience
  • A recognised thought leader, showcasing the power of data and the influence of the Chief Data Officer in the C-Suite.
  • Leading by example, championing a diverse and inclusive culture.

The nomination window will last until mid-January where we will close nominations in anticipation for our official Judges’ selection. Our Judges, to be announced soon, will review the nominations and, using the above criteria, decide on the final 100. 

We will get in touch with the winning nominees ahead of the official announcement, before announcing and sharing the Top 100 publicly. We can’t wait to reveal the top 100 data leaders, each a central figure behind their business’s future. 


The deadline for nominations is Friday 14 July.

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