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  • Using data analytics to foster team activism, Saberr Founder, Alistair Shepherd

    A strong culture fit between employers and employees and fostering a work environment that enables good relationships is arguably one of the most important roles played by HR today.

    It stands to reason then that improving the resources at HR’s disposal could be more beneficial for the bottom line than previously imagined. Not to mention accelerating the future and putting an end to recruiting headaches that come about from employees that just don’t quite work out.

    That’s what Alistair Shepherd and Saberr have set out to do. Saberr pays attention to applicants’ core values and specific behavioral traits, in order to create a metric mapper. Using algorithms to process fundamental values and behavioral compatibility, as well as diversity, the company predicts how strong the interpersonal relationship between the applicants and the potential employer can become.

    Ultimately this could change the way teams are built permanently, and foster team activism in an unprecedented manner.

    Contributing HR editor and former Kantar Millward Brown CHRO Karen Rivoire will be finding out more in this second episode of HT’s People Series.