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  • Learn from former President and CEO of SRI International, Curtis Carlson

    Curtis Carlson was President and CEO of SRI International from 1998 to 2014. During his 16 year stint at the top of the Silicon Valley research institute he oversaw the development of digital personal assistant Siri prior to its acquisition by Apple in mid 2010, as well as other game changing innovations such as HDTV and Intuitive Surgical.

    Today Curtis Carlson runs consultancy firm Practice of Innovation, helping emergent companies, governments, and educational institutions to improve their ability to successfully innovate.

    In his talk with Hot Topics, hear about Curtis’ experiences in overseeing some of the most significant tech developments of our time, as well as his take on the current state of innovation in the Valley and beyond.

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Learn from the man behind some of Silicon Valley's gamechanging breakthroughs