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  • Interview with: Roel de Vries, VP & CMO, Nissan

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    As Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, and Brand Strategy, Roel de Vries is focused on further strengthening Nissan’s brand value. The two key elements to his role are firstly, ensuring internally Nissan is doing everything needed to develop leading brands, and secondly, making sure this is then communicated effectively and consistently in today’s increasingly complex world of marketing.

    Roel first joined Nissan in 1994 at the European head-office in Amsterdam before taking a role based in South Africa, mainly responsible for marketing. During his time there, Roel became Director of Marketing and Sales and experienced both fascinating and challenging environments when the country went through significant political and financial changes. Following his time in South Africa, Roel worked in a number of global roles including General Manager Product Planning General Overseas Markets, Program Director for Nissan’s all rear wheel drive vehicles, before being appointed to his current role as Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy in November 2010.

    Roel is discussing his career thus far and how business model innovation has changed around IoT, in an interview as part of our series ‘The IoT Opportunity’, in association with ForgeRock.