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  • Interview with: Dawn Hudson, EVP & CMO, NFL

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    Dawn Hudson has served as EVP & CMO of NFL since 2014 and is responsible for marketing the NFL portfolio of brands including the NFL Network. She also oversees the events team responsible for organizing, executing, and marketing all NFL events including the Draft, Combine, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl.

    Prior to NFL, Dawn served on the board for both the LPGA and The Parthenon Group, after an illustrious 11-year stint as President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America where she was responsible for overseeing development, marketing, and selling of all beverages. From the “Joy of Cola” to the return of the “Pepsi Challenge,” her impact on advertising and communications within the beverage industry is renowned. Under her leadership, Pepsi also maintained its status among the most purchased brands in the country and under Dawn’s guidance, had an enormous impact on consumers, television viewers, and beverage drinkers alike.

    This interview forms part of a series run in association with Cannes Lions, entitled, Creative Innovation, focused on the collision of technology, data and creativity within marketing.