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  • How IoT is transforming the cybersecurity landscape

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    The Internet of Things is opening up many new avenues for cyber attackers. Much of the latest consumer and business equipment being connected to IoT lacks the kind of protection required to combat the increasing threat, and for Dale Drew, Chief Security Officer at Level 3, this means ‘we now have one of the largest threat landscapes, from an attack perspective, on the planet.’

    Throughout his 27 years of experience in cybersecurity, Dale has seen the frontline in the war against cybercrime change dramatically. Speaking to David Pringle, contributing editor at Hot Topics,  Dale describes how IoT can also open up opportunities for the security community to employ new innovative ways of combating crime and his methods for getting on the front foot.

    Dale also discusses balancing business and security and countering further new threats. This interview is brought to you by ForgeRock.