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  • Under Armour CMO, Andrew Donkin in conversation with Andy Brent

    Since its creation just over two decades ago, Under Armour has firmly established itself as one of the world’s most innovative global sports brands. With annual sales figures now worth around $4 billion, the company now stands toe-to-toe with rival juggernauts like Nike and Adidas.

    In his interview with Hot Topics, in association with Fits Me, Andrew Donkin discusses how despite being a relatively late comer to a highly competitive sector like sporting apparel, Under Armour have managed to identify gaps and opportunities in the market, target the appropriate groups of consumers and then develop a proposition which has succeeded against powerful and well-established competitors.

    Andy Brent, former CMO of Barclays and Burger King, will be conducting this interview and will be in conversation with Andrew on the marketing landscape and how customer targeting has changed over recent years.