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Alan Mamedi

CEO , Truecaller
Alan Mamedi was in born in Stockholm, Sweden October 1984. Mamedi has a B.sc in Computer Science from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden and is today the CEO and co-founder of Truecaller – the global social phone book to search and find people worldwide by name and phone number. At the early age of 23 he co-founded the largest search engine for home interior in Sweden called Mobeljakt.se (translated Furniture hunting) together with his companion Nami Zarringhalam. During the same period he also co-founded the largest network for employee reviews called Jobbigt.se (translated Troublesome). The company was acquired six month after launch. In June 2009 Mamedi and Zarringhalam launched their third project, Truecaller. Truecaller connects white and yellow pages all over the world into on single app. On top of this Truecaller also crowd sources information to make name and number search available worldwide where public information is not available.