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Philippa White

Founder and Managing Director, The International Exchange

Philippa is the Founder and Managing Director of TIE. She was born in South Africa and grew up in Canada, only to be fostered by Mother England before hopping over the pond to Brazil. She gained an Honours degree at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada’s top business school, before finishing her final term in Bangkok Thailand. Post-degree she packed up her bags and set off for London in pursuit of a job in advertising. After a fantastic 5 years working in prolific agencies such as Leo Burnett and BBH, she exited the industry to move over to Brazil for 6 months in the pursuit of developing TIE. Having gained a greater understanding of the third sector, learning Portuguese and developing relationships with major NGOs and UK and US companies, TIE was finally born. TIE now provides leadership development opportunities for future leaders from some of the biggest companies around the world.