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Podcast: Interpreting Cloud Economics for the Digital-First Enterprise

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Listen to this roundtable debate as technology leaders consider the relative values and costs with their enterprise cloud investments.

Cloud economics studies cloud computing and calculates the value this technology can bring to an organisation. Because of some stunning examples of resilience displayed by cloud-adopters during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the rhetoric of cloud being necessary for the modern business provided case study material and evidence in support of this. Cloud supports remote work, customer or client experiences, digital collaboration and more. Yet the cost-benefit analysis of cloud is still much debated in boardrooms; technology leaders are front and centre in advocating for the digital-first enterprise, which will, in some way, include cloud-based technology. 

In this roundtable debate, the panellists explored their investments into the cloud and communicated the value of cloud to the team.

With Mark Chillingworth moderating this roundtable debate, the speakers include: 

This roundtable was recorded at The Studio, in partnership with HCLTech.