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Marketing Leaders Movers & Shakers: November Edition

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Discover our November edition listing the marketing leaders across the industry who have taken on new positions and promotions.

Dan Salzman, Global Head of HP Workforce Services and Solutions Marketing, HP


Recently promoted to Global Head of HP Workforce Services and Solutions Marketing, Dan Salzman has been working at HP for almost 15 years. Prior to his new role, he was the Global Head of Media, Analytics, Insights and Marketing Sizing. Dan currently drives enterprise and SMB segments with differentiated IT services and solutions in his new role. He has been endorsed for his skills in cross functional team leadership and marketing strategy by his colleagues at HP. In the past Dan has worked at companies such as PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and Johnson & Johnson.


Nikki Stenson, Vice President Global Marketing & Demand Generation, Turnitin


After working at Oracle for up to seven years, Nikki Stenson recently took on the role of VP Global Marketing & Demand Generation at Turnitin. Known for her skills in organisation, communication and relationship building, Nikki is described as an experienced marketer with a  demonstrable track record and passion for all things marketing. With more than two decades of experience, Nikki has worked at companies including SAS, Tibco Software and Intel Security.


Victoria Holdsworth, VP Marketing, TechWolf


A results-driven and focused marketing leader, Victoria Holdsworth is now the VP of Marketing at TechWolf. In her new role, Victoria is responsible for overseeing TechWolf’s marketing strategies and efforts to help them achieve their business goals. In addition to her current role, Victoria is a part-time Advisor at Konfir, where she advises the organisation’s team on marketing and GTM strategies. 


Helen Gillbe, EMEA Demand Generation Director, Proofpoint


An experienced international marketer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Helen Gillbe is now the EMEA Demand Generation Director at Proofpoint. Before taking on her new role, Helen worked at leading technology companies such as Samsung and Cisco in roles ranging from Online Marketing Manager to Commercial Integrated Marketing Communications Manager for EMEAR. In her current role at Proofpoint, Helen drives and accelerates pipeline growth for the organisation in addition to a variety of other responsibilities.


Regina O’Keeffe, Head of Marketing Europe, HCLTech


Regina O’Keeffe was recently promoted to Head of Marketing for Europe at HCLTech, where she has worked for over eight years. During her time at HCL, she has taken on roles ranging from Senior Marketing Manager to Head of Marketing for UK, Ireland, France Benelux and SA. Regina has been endorsed by her colleagues at HCLTech for her skills in business development and marketing strategies. 


Rachel Kavanaugh, CMO, Siren


A dedicated, customer-focused marketing professional, Rachel Kavanaugh is now the CMO at Siren. Before taking on her new role, Rachel worked at a variety of companies in senior marketing roles throughout the years. Her roles ranged from Digital Marketing Manager to Marketing Strategy Consultant at companies including Paddy Power Betfair, Marketo and Forrester. Now, Rachel is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring Siren’s overall business marketing strategy.


Jussi Wacklin, CMO & SVP, T-Systems International


Described by colleagues as a passionate, charismatic and transformational marketing leader, Jussi Wacklin is now the CMO & SVP at T-Systems International. In his new role, Jussi leads the marketing and communication teams in order to contribute to the commercial success of T-Systems as well as driving growth. In addition to his role at T-Systems, Jussi is a Member of the Board Of Directors at Luxid. 


Leeya Hendricks, CMO, Prytek


A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Marketing, Leeya Hendricks is now the CMO at Prytek. In her new role, Leeya drives communications and brand awareness of portfolios to enable Prytek’s growth globally. Previously, she has held several senior marketing positions at digital agencies, leading technology organisations and management consulting firms. In addition to her new role, Leeya is a Visiting Lecturer and Sessional Teaching Fellow at the University of Westminster and University of Portsmouth, where she teaches a variety of marketing modules. 


Jeff Titterton, CMO, Stripe


Jeff Titterton is now the CMO at Technology company Stripe, where he has worked for a month. He is described as a tactical technology executive with more than 20 years of marketing experience working at B2B and B2C technology companies. Before joining Stripe, Jeff worked at companies including Adobe and Zendesk, and was also a Board Member at Getty Images. 


Lisa Worley, CMO, Asura Financial Technologies


Described as a highly effective and strategic marketing leader, Lisa is now the CMO at Asura Financial Technologies. In her new role, Lisa oversees Asura’s marketing of investment management, technology, management services and investment platform providers globally. Before joining Asura, Lisa was the Group Head of Marketing at Embark Group, where she led the company’s marketing, communications and digital channels. 


Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, Lacework


Considered a transformational marketing leader, Meagen Eisenberg is now the CMO at Lacework. Alongside her new role, Meagen is a Board Member at G2 and an Advisor for more than five other companies. Described as a strong marketing executive and a visionary leader, she has been endorsed by colleagues for her skills in lead generation and demand generation. In her new role at Lacework, Meagen oversees the company’s marketing and advertising initiatives and activities. 


Chris Talago, Sr Director Marketing Communications EMEA & APAC, Adobe


An award winning marketing executive with more than two decades of experience in the industry, Chris Talago is now the Senior Director of Marketing Communications for EMEA & APAC at Adobe. In his new role, Chris leads Adobe’s strategic marketing communications and operational delivery of activity for the company. Colleagues have endorsed Chris for his skills in strategic communications and integrated marketing.


Aurélie Prananto, Regional Marketing Manager EMEA & APAC, iText Software


Aurélie is now the Regional Marketing Manager for EMEA & APAC at iText Software. Before taking on her new role, Aurélie worked at a variety of technology companies in senior marketing roles ranging from Marketing Operations Manager at Dell EMC to Senior Corporate Communications, Events and Media Relations Manager at Stanley/Stella. She has been endorsed by her colleagues for her skills in marketing communications, strategy and management.


Steven Goddard, Senior Director Global GTM Strategy & Planning, Nutanix


Senior Marketing Executive Steven Goddard is now the Senior Director of Global GTM Strategy & Planning at Nutanix, where he has worked for more than a year. Before his promotion, Steven was the Senior Director of Marketing Programs. In addition to this, he is also a Marketing Advisory Board Member at HotTopics.ht. In his new role, some of Steven’s responsibilities include defining growth targets, building an operating plan for GTM leadership and collaborating with teams across the organisation. 


Tulin Green, Senior Director EMEA Marketing, Confluent


Regarded as an ambitious and enthusiastic marketing leader, Tulin Green is now the Senior Director for EMEA Marketing at Confluent. In her new role, Tulin currently oversees all EMEA marketing operations at Confluent among other responsibilities. Before joining Confluent, Tulin worked at a variety of companies in senior marketing roles ranging from Marketing Communications Manager at Macro 4 to Senior Director of Global Demand Generation at Udacity. 


Carolyn Bao, VP Marketing, AppsFlyer


Described as a resourceful and proactive marketing leader, Carolyn Bao is now the Vice President of Marketing at AppsFlyer, where she has worked for two months. With specialties in product marketing and marketing strategy, Carolyn has senior marketing experience across a range of different companies. Before taking on her new role, she was the Vice President of Marketing at Moomoo Technologies Inc.


Victoria Berwick, VP Global Marketing, CWT


Innovative and dynamic marketing leader Victoria Berwick is now the Vice President of Global Marketing at CWT. Before taking on her new role, Victoria worked at leading and challenger brands such as Grant Thornton UK, PwC and CBRE. Now, Victoria oversees CWT’s global marketing strategies and efforts to help the company achieve their business goals. She has received endorsements from colleagues for her skills in marketing communications and strategies.


Teté Soto, Senior VP Marketing, The Access Group


Teté Soto is now the Senior Vice President of Marketing at The Access Group, where she has been working for two months. In her new role, Teté is responsible for driving the company’s growth and oversees demand generation, content marketing, events, brand awareness, customer advocacy, and communications at The Access Group. In addition to this, she is a Non Executive Director at Videndum plc.


Ed Bezooijen, Head Field Marketing EMEA, Check Point Software Technologies 


A senior marketing executive with more than two decades of experience in the industry, Ed Bezooijen is now the Head of Field Marketing for EMEA at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. In his new role, Ed now leads Check Point’s regional field marketing efforts, collaborates with the sales team and oversees innovative marketing campaigns, among other responsibilities. Prior to this, Ed was the Senior Director of Field Marketing for EMEA at Citrix, where he worked for over 18 years. 


Cecilia Monti, Head EMEA Marketing, Envision Digital


With more than 15 years of experience in technology and industrial B2B marketing, Cecilia Monti is considered a goal-oriented and business-driven marketing leader among colleagues. She is now the Head of EMEA Marketing at software development company Envision Digital. In her new role, Cecilia develops the company’s marketing strategy, and works closely with their global and go-to-marketing teams in order to increase awareness and drive demand-generation. Prior to joining Envision Digital, she was the Marketing and Communications Director at SIGFOX, where she worked for over two years.


Katarina Ingdahl, VP Marketing & Communications, Volue


A passionate B2B marketing leader with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Katarina Ingdahl is now the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Volue, where she has worked for over a year. In her new role, Katarina oversees all aspects of Volue’s marketing operations and manages internal communications, among other duties. Before her promotion, Katarina was Volue’s Senior Marketing Operations Manager. She has been endorsed for her skills in marketing strategy and lead generation by colleagues.


Paula Parkes, VP Marketing Asia Pacific & Japan, ServiceNow


Considered a creative marketing executive and team leader, Paula Parkes is now the Vice President of Marketing for Asia Pacific & Japan at ServiceNow. Before taking on her new role, Paula was the Vice President Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan at VMware for over two years. She has also taken on senior marketing roles in companies such as SAS, IAA and Adobe. Now, Paula is responsible for ServiceNow’s marketing strategy across Asia Pacific and Japan.


Chrissie Bardwell, VP Global Cloud Marketing, AVEVA


Transformational marketing and business leader Chrissie Bardwell is now the Vice President of Global Cloud Marketing at FTSE 100 company AVEVA. In her new role, Chrissie is responsible for managing and overseeing all global cloud marketing operations at AVEVA. Before taking on her current role, Chrissie was the Global Head of Marketing for GfK. Prior to this, she took on several senior marketing roles at Oracle, where she worked for almost six years. 


Virginie Maillet, Director Account Based Marketing EMEA, Coupa Software


A result-focused and data-driven marketer with over two decades of industry experience, Virginie Maillet is now the Director of Account Based Marketing for EMEA at Coupa Software. In her new role, Virginie is responsible for overseeing Coupa Software’s strategy and implementation of ABM campaigns to drive pipeline and growth within the company. Before joining Coupa Software, she was the Director of Strategic Client Marketing at Oracle, where she worked for over a year.


Katie Gray, Enterprise Marketing Manager EMEA, Iterable


Award-winning marketing leader Katie Gray is now the Enterprise Marketing Manager for EMEA at cross-channel marketing platform Iterable. In her new role, Katie is responsible for collaborating with sales teams, identifying marketing opportunities and driving the business with innovative marketing programs. In addition to her role at Iterable, Katie is the Digital Marketing Volunteer at Digital Boost, where she has been freelancing for over two years. 


Ami Tank, VP Marketing Campaigns & Programs, Fortinet


Results-driven and visionary marketing leader Ami Tank is now the Vice President of Marketing Campaigns and Programs at Fortinet. Throughout her career, Ami has worked across different companies in a variety of senior marketing roles. Before taking on her new role at Fortinet, Ami worked at Cisco for 22 years, with her most recent role being Senior Director of Marketing Content & Campaign Strategy. 


Stefaan Rogiers, Director EMEA Partner Alliance & Distribution Marketing, Pure Storage


Stefaan Rogiers is now the Director for EMEA Partner, Alliance & Distribution Marketing at Pure Storage. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Stefaan is considered a dedicated and passionate marketing professional among colleagues. In his new role, Stefaan develops Pure Storage’s EMEA marketing strategy along with key stakeholders, builds relationships with strategic partners and works closely with the company’s internal marketing teams, in addition to other responsibilities.


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