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Marketing Leaders Movers & Shakers: July Edition

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Catch many of the leading marketing executives across the industry who have taken on new positions and promotions at some of the most exciting brands today.

Please join us in wishing congratulations and the best of luck to these marketing leaders in our July edition of Movers and Shakers 2022:


Mehul Kapadia – Chief Growth Officer, Locus

Mehul Kapadia is now the Chief Growth Officer at Locus. In his role at Locus, Mehul drives the scaling up of the organization and focuses on marketing, strategy and growth initiatives. Prior to his new role, Mehul has gained over two decades of experience in the technology and communications industry. Alongside his CGO role, Mehul is the Non Executive Director at England Boxing and Marketing Leaders Advisory Board Member at HotTopics.ht.


Sue Jones – SVP Global Marketing, Digital Realty

Sue Jones is now the SVP of Global Marketing at IT services and consulting company Digital Realty. Sue is a result-oriented and collaborative leader with over two decades of experience in the B2B marketing and communications sector. She is the Co-Founder of the EMEA chapter of Digital Realty’s Women’s Leadership Forum. Sue’s previous roles include Director of Marketing and Communications at Airwave and Vice President of Brand Management at Orange Business Services.


Dan Trotman – Field Marketing Manager – Chronicle & Google Cloud Security, Google

Dan Trotman is now the Field Marketing Manager at Chronicle & Google Cloud Security. An experienced senior marketing leader, some of Dan’s previous roles include Senior Field Marketing Manager at Forcepoint, Senior Marketing Specialist at Secure Computing and UK Marketing Manager at Sophos Plc. Dan has been endorsed by his colleagues at Google for his skills in Lead Generation.


Dario Debarbieri – Head of Marketing, HCL Software

Dario Debarbieri is now the Head of Marketing at HCL Software, where he has worked for over two years. Dario is responsible for creating digital, advertising, communications and creative strategies. He has deep expertise in the marketing and technology sectors and is currently a Consulting Advisor at the CMO Council alongside his role at HCL Software. His previous roles include VP Digital Channels at IBM and Marketing Manager at Origenes AFJP. 


Ruth Oakey – Global Marketing Director, Eckoh

Ruth Oakey is now the Global Marketing Director at Eckoh. Her responsibilities include executing marketing plans, managing global marketing strategies, driving campaigns and developing digital strategies. Prior to this role, Ruth was the Global Head of Digital Marketing at Atos, where she established and drove a new global digital marketing strategy for the company. She has been endorsed by her colleagues for her marketing strategy and business planning skills.


Greg Perotto – CMO, Secureframe

Greg Perotto is now the CMO at security compliance software company Secureframe. In his new role, Greg leads the company’s global marketing strategy and drives demand generation and oversees brand, creative and advertising to differentiate Secureframe in the market. Before joining Secureframe, Greg was the SVP Global Marketing at New Relic Inc in Washington.


Fleur Sohtz – CMO, Analytic Partners

Fleur Sohtz is now the CMO at IT services and IT consulting company Analytic Partners. Fleur has taken on a variety of senior marketing roles in data, AI, fintech and cybersecurity organizations over the years. Prior to her new role, Fleur was the Chief Revenue Officer and GM Americas at Noogata.


Katerina Rabava – Marketing Head, UK and Europe, Tata Consultancy Services 

Katerina Rabava is now the Marketing Head of UK and Europe at Tata Consultancy Services. Katerina is a marketing and communications professional with experience in driving brand awareness, lead generation and commercial growth. Before joining Tata Consultancy Services, she was the Marketing Lead Corporate Trust in the EMEA and APAC regions at BNY Mellon, where she worked for over five years.


Tom Burg – SVP Marketing, aqfer

Tom Burg is now the SVP of Marketing at IT services company aqfer. Tom is a B2B marketing and technology leader who has been endorsed by colleagues for his skills in digital marketing and marketing strategy. Before joining aqfer, Tom was the VP of Marketing for Touchcast, where he worked for over a year. In addition to his new role, Tom is an Advisor at Central Control Inc.


Maria Crawford – CMO, Anitian

Maria Crawford is now the CMO at software company Anitian. Maria is a B2B marketing leader with extensive experience in senior marketing roles across different organizations. Prior to joining Anitian, she was CMO at software company Tripwire, where she worked for over three years.  


Fabiola Enciso – CMO, Serrala 

Fabiola Enciso is now CMO at software company Serrala, based in Spain. Fabiola is a business and marketing leader focused on SaaS growth, Fintech and B2B go-to-market strategies. Before her role at Serrala, she was the Head of B2B Global Marketing at HP, where she worked for over four years. 


Denise Doyle – VP Marketing, CrossBorder Solutions

Denise Doyle is now the VP of Marketing at software company CrossBorder Solutions. Denise is an experienced marketing leader with a background in working at start-up and enterprise organizations. Before joining CrossBorder Solutions, she was the Head of Global Campaigns at SambaNova Systems. Prior to this, she was the Global Campaigns Director for Java and GraalVM at Oracle.

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