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Technology Leaders Movers & Shakers: July Edition

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Catch those leading technology executives across the industry who have taken on new positions and promotions at some of the most exciting brands today.

Please join us in wishing congratulations and the best of luck to these technology leaders, in our July edition of Movers and Shakers 2022:

Jenny Mohanlall – Senior Director IT, DHL Express

Jenny is now the Senior Director of IT at DHL Express. Prior to joining DHL, Jenny accumulated more than two decades of IT experience as a CIO and CSO in a multitude of organizations including NGO and T-Systems. Alongside her current role, she volunteers as a mentor for Women in IT and has been endorsed by her colleagues for her skills in IT strategy and change management.

David Scott – Chief Enterprise Technology Officer, abrdn

David Scott has been promoted to the Chief Enterprise Technology Officer at abrdn, where he has worked for over 13 years. In 2010, David started out as abrdn’s Head of Distribution Development & Operations. He has taken on a variety of IT and Security roles over the years and has been endorsed by his colleagues at abrdn for his IT strategy and stakeholder management. 

Emma Stace – Chief Digital Information Officer, The Open University

Now the Chief Digital Information Officer at The Open University, Emma Stace is an experienced technology executive. Emma has over two decades of experience in CDO, CTO and COO roles in organizations including the Department for Education, the Department for Innovation and ReachOut Australia. She has been endorsed by her colleagues for her skills in organizational change and transformation.

Samir Boualla – Group Head Data & Analytics, Ahli United Bank 

Samir is now the Group Head of Data and Analytics at Ahli United Bank in Bahrain. He is a senior executive manager with over 25 years of experience in agile leadership and data strategy roles in ING France and the Netherlands. In his role at Ahli United Bank, Samir is responsible for the implementation of the data-driven strategy, governance and analytics culture and monetization transformation.

Rich Baich – CISO & Director of the Office of Cybersecurity, CIA

Joseph “Rich” Baich is now the CISO & Director of the Office of Cybersecurity at the CIA. He is a skilled business executive and recognized security leader with over a decade of experience in information security, risk management, privacy and technology deployment. His previous roles include SVP and CISO at AIG and CISO at Wells Fargo.

Dr. Stefan Heizmann – Group CIO, Flender

Dr. Stefan Heizmann is now the Group CIO at Flender. Dr. Heizmann is a digital leader with over a decade of experience in senior positions. His previous roles include Group CIO at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and Group CIO and CDO at Gühring KG. In his role at Flender, Dr. Heizmann is responsible for the company’s technology infrastructure. In 2018, he was the winner of the Confare IDEAwards Top Innovation Projects.

Ross Simon – CDO, Costain Group PLC

Ross Simon is now the CDO at Costain Group PLC. In his new role, Ross oversees Costain’s data management, ensures data quality and creates the company’s data strategy. In his previous role, he was the Head of Data Factory at Thames Water. From 2017 to 2018 he was the Data Governance Project Manager at Sainsbury’s. 

Neil Hampshire – VP Global IT Operations, Service and Infrastructure, Subway

Neil Hampshire is now the VP of Global IT Operations at Subway. An experienced C-Level IT executive, Neil specializes in strategy setting, digital transformation and business engagement. Based in the US, Neil has taken on a variety of technology roles over the years including CIO & CTO at Parallel and SVP and CIO & CTO at ModusLink. 

Mark Ward – CISO, Three UK

An experienced CISO with a proven track record, Mark Ward is now the CISO at Three UK. In his new role, Mark is responsible for implementing in-class security strategies, team and capability across the business covering technical, information and physical security. Prior to this role, Mark was the Group CISO at Interserve Group Limited, where he led a Cyber Uplift programme. 

Steven Corbett – CDIO, Money and Pensions Service

Steven Corbett is now the CDIO at Money and Pensions Service. A technology leader with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Steven has taken on CIO, CDO and CTO roles in organizations including Mindsett, Cloudfm Group and Aviva. Steven has been endorsed by his colleagues for his skills in IT leadership process automation. 

Keith Mizen – CIO, Chubb Fire and Security Group

Keith Mizen is now the CIO at Chubb Fire and Security Group. He has previously held positions such as Head of Enterprise IT for Vodafone and Managing Director at Accenture. He has been endorsed by his colleagues for his skills in business transformation and IT strategy and specializes in using the scaled agile framework.

Alan Lin – Group CTO and CISO, Prudential plc

Alan Lin has been promoted to the Group CTO & CISO at Prudential plc, where he has worked for over a decade in seven different roles ranging from Director of Audit to Group CISO. Prior to his time at Prudential plc, Alan was the Senior Audit Manager at Standard Chartered Bank. From 2007 to 2008 he was the VP of Corporate Audit at the Bank of America. 

Harry Moseley – CIO Advisor, Zoom

Harry Moseley is now a CIO Advisor at Zoom, where he has worked for over four years. He was previously Zoom’s Global CIO and a Global co-CIO. Harry is a senior technology executive with strong financial industry experience, specializing in strategy and financial services. 

Anam Hussein – CTO Transformation and Innovation, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Anam Hussein is the VP Technology Services and CTO at Walgreens Boots Alliance, where he has worked for almost three years. Anam is an executive leader responsible for service delivery, hosting, networks, enterprise architecture and cloud transformation at Walgreens Boots Alliance. He was previously the Transformation Director at News UK and the Interim Program Director at EY. 

Easwaran Krishnamurthy – VP & CIO Building Solutions North America, Johnson Controls

Easwaran Krishnamurthy is now the VP and CIO of Building Solutions in North America for Johnson Controls. With over 20 years of experience in IT leadership roles, Easwaran has taken on multiple roles over the years including Senior Business Analyst in Logistics at Philips Medical Systems, IT Director of Commercial Applications & Enterprise Mobility at Coca-Cola and CIO at FieldCore.

Alex Priscott – CTO, TFG Brands London

Alex Priscott is now the CTO at TFG Brands London. A technology executive with almost two decades of experience in the industry, Alex has taken on roles ranging from Senior Systems Administrator for AQA to Head of Platform Engineering and Technical Operations at MATCHESFASHION.COM. In his new role, he oversees the company’s technology development and IT operations. 

Mark A. Jones – CIO, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Mark Jones is now CIO at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust. Mark is a strong digital and business transformation leader with over 30 years of experience in the private and public health sector. His previous roles include CIO at Devon Partnership NHS Trust, Director of Mission 5: Digital Productivity, ICS CIO at North Cumbria NHS Integrated Health and Care System And PODAC and SRO for electronic-Referral Service at NHSX.

Neeru Arora – Executive Vice President, CIO & CDO, Volkswagen

Neeru Arora is now the EVP, CIO and CDO at Volkswagen, where she has worked for the last four years. Prior to her new role, Neeru was previously the SVP and CIO for Volkswagen Financial Services North America. She has extensive experience in the business and technology industry and has been endorsed for her skills in IT strategy and leadership.

David Nolan – CISO, The Aaron’s Company Inc

David Nolan is now the CISO at The Aaron’s Company Inc, where he has worked for over five years. In his new role, he is responsible for the company’s enterprise information security leadership, strategy, budget and operation excellence. Alongside his job, David is a Board Member on the National Technology Security Coalition.

Gary Sorrentino – Global CIO, Zoom

Gary Sorrentino has been promoted to the Global CIO at Zoom, where he has worked for over two years. Prior to his new role at Zoom, Gary was the Managing Director and Global Head of External Client Cyber Awareness and Training at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. With over four decades of experience in the Information Technology industry, Gary has taken on a multitude of IT leadership roles over the years.

Branko Tadic – CTO, UK Power Networks

Branko Tadic is now the CTO at UK Power Networks. His responsibilities include heading up the IT strategy, architecture, DevOps and agile delivery. Prior to his new role, Branko was the Lead Transformation Consultant at Just Group plc. He has also taken on other senior leadership roles in Centrica and British Gas. Branko has been endorsed by his colleagues for his skills in agile methodologies and solution architecture.

Karl Markgraf – Group CIO, FTI Group

Karl Markgraf is now the Group CIO at FTI Group in Munich. In his current role, Karl is responsible for the technology infrastructure of the company and overseeing FTI Group’s day-to-day operational activities. He has taken on a multitude of roles including COO and CIO at TeamViewer and Managing Director at E.ON Business Services. Colleagues have endorsed Karl for his skills in change management, project management and IT strategy.

George Maropakis – Market CISO, McDonald’s

George Maropakis is now the Market CISO at McDonalds, where he has worked for over seven years. Before his time at McDonald’s, George was the Interim Managing Director and Equity Owner at Clinical Lab Solutions, then the Director of Information Security at Xerox. He was issued an award by Digital Shadows for the 2022 Best Cyber Threat Intelligence Program.

Richard Puckett – CISO, Boeing

Richard Puckett is now the CISO and VP at Boeing. He is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining an information security program for Boeing, as well as monitoring day-to-day activities. Alongside his new role, Richard is on the Cybersecurity Advisory Council at Trident Capital Cybersecurity. He has also taken on CISO roles in SAP and Thomson Reuters. 

Gbenga Lasisi – Senior Director, Deputy Divisional CISO, Capital One

Gbenga Lasisi has been promoted to the Senior Director and Deputy Divisional CISO at Capital One, where he has worked for over two years. Prior to his job at Capital One, Gbenga worked at PwC as their Director of Cloud Computing & Networking. He has more than a decade of experience in the financial services and technology industry and is recognized as a cyber security transformation leader.

Fritz Robbins – CIO, Wealth Management, Empower

Fritz Robbins is now the CIO of Wealth Management at financial services company Empower. Alongside his new role, he is the CTO & CIO at Personal Capital. Fritz is described as a technology leader with experience in roles ranging from System Architect and Project Lead at RSA Security to CTO at Robbins Technologies. Colleagues have endorsed Fritz for his skills in software development, cloud computing and system architecture. 

Rich Drake – CTO, Babcock International Group

Rich Drake is now the CTO at Babcock International Group. He has taken part in a variety of roles at the company over the past 15 years ranging from Programmes Director of Defense Systems Technology to Chief Executive of Mission Systems. Prior to his time at Babcock International Group, Rich was the Head of Department – Landing Gear Extension Retraction Systems at Airbus. 

Steve Grant – CIO, VP IT Americas & Global Central Functions, Diageo

Steve Grant is now the CIO and VP of IT in the Americas & Global Central Functions at Diageo. An IT leader with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Steve has taken on roles ranging from IT Director at Unilever to Global IT Director of Enterprise Operations at Autodesk. 

Thorsten Kempas – Group CIO, Diehl Group

Thorsten Kempas is now the Group CIO at Diehl Group in Nuremberg, Germany. Before taking on his new role, Thorsten was the VP and Head of IT Services for Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG. He is now responsible for maintaining IT systems and operations at Diehl and managing the organization’s software development. 

Olimpia Nitti – VP, CIO Europe, Procter & Gamble

Olimpia Nitti is now the VP and CIO for Europe at Procter & Gamble, where she has worked for over 27 years. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Olimpia has taken on 10 different roles over the years. She worked her way up from IT Project Manager to VP and CIO of Global Baby Care. She now oversees day-to-day operational activities in Procter & Gamble’s Europe division.

Gurmeet Singh – EVP, CDO & CTO, Gap Inc

Gurmeet Singh is now the EVP, CDO & CTO at retail company Gap Inc. Alongside his new role, Gurmeet is a Member of the Board of Directors at Focus Brands LLC. Prior to joining Gap Inc, he was the EVP, CTO & CIO at Big Lots Stores. Colleagues have praised Gurmeet for his skills in strategy and product management.

Sheila Anderson – CIO, Aflac

Sheila Anderson is now the CIO at American Insurance company Aflac. Before taking on her new role, Sheila was the EVP & CIO Corporate Functions at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where she worked for over four years. Alongside her role at Aflac, Sheila is an Advisory Board Member at BostonCIO and a Board Member on the Technology Business Management Council.

Ravi Simhambhatla – EVP, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Avis Budget Group

Ravi Simhambhatla is now the EVP and Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Avis Budget Group. Ravi was previously the Managing Director and CTO of Customer Service at Google, where he worked for four years. Alongside his new role at Avis, he is a Medical Center Board Member at ​​Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Gilberto Tosca – Chief Technology & Information Officer, Gucci

Gilberto Tosca is now the Chief Technology & Information officer at high-end fashion company Gucci. Prior to his new role at Gucci Gilberto was the VP for Keyrings Technologies Americas. Before this, he was the Regional and Divisional Coordination Manager for Gucci, where he worked for a year. Colleagues have endorsed Gilberto for his skills in retail and management consulting.

Sam Rigelsford – CISO, EDF UK

Sam Rigelsford is now the CISO at EDF UK. He is an accomplished cyber security leader who has been endorsed by colleagues for his skills in security. Prior to his new role, Sam worked as the Interim Global Chief Technology Security Officer at wtw, where he worked for over two years. 

Duncan Dewhurst – Chief Digital and Information Officer, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Duncan Dewhurst is the Chief Digital and Information Officer at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. Duncan’s previous job was Director of Transformation at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, where he worked for over three years. He is described as a senior public service leader with experience in multiple technology roles.

Stephen Haag – CIO, WSP USA

Stephen Haag is now the CIO at engineering services company WSP USA. Stephen is an experienced technology leader who has been endorsed for his skills in program and project management. Before being recruited by WSP, he was the CIO at HNTB, where he managed the company’s IT organization and took on high-priority tasks.

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