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Business Leaders Movers & Shakers: March 2022

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Whit Bouck, Managing Director, Insight Partners

Whit is software executive, advisor, investor and board member with 30 years of experience in leadership, strategy, sales, marketing and business operations, and now a Managing Director at one of the world’s best VC firms, Insight Partners, helping build the next generation of great companies.


Michelle Peluso, Chief Customer Officer, CVS Health, and Co-President, CVS Pharmacy, CVS Health

As Chief Customer Officer of CVS Health and Co-President of CVS Pharmacy, Michelle leads the teams responsible for leading the front store retail business, transforming CVS Health’s consumer experience across all touchpoints, accelerating the company’s digital transformation and advancing the company’s brand and marketing.


Manon Brouillette, EVP & CEO — Consumer Group, Verizon

Manon is executive vice president and CEO of Verizon Consumer Group, a telecommunications market leader supporting more than 100 million consumers every day. In her role, Manon is responsible for all aspects of Verizon Consumer Group’s customer-centric strategy, execution and growth as a national broadband provider and mobility leader. This includes leading retail and customer services, consumer marketing, digital transformation, as well as managing Verizon’s growing multi-brand portfolio with Visible and TracFone.


Tony Hoggett, SVP, Physical Stores, Amazon

Tony is an experienced business leader and joins Amazon after an impressive career within multiple markets. Prior to his new position, Tony was the Group Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer for Tesco, CEO Asia for Tesco Lotus and a Board Member for various retail outfits, such as Dobbies and Tesco Mobile.


Suzi Williams, NED, HotTopics.ht

Suzi has delivered transformation and growth for leading consumer, media and telecoms brands including The BBC , Orange, Capital Radio and BT. She is also an experienced blue chip strategy consultant. Now a seasoned FTSE 250 NED and Remco Chair, who has held roles at The AA, WorkSpace, The Cabinet Office and within The ECB.