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Meet Your Emerging Engineering Leaders 2021

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Discover and celebrate these 100 engineering, software and DevOp leaders, who are helping to build the companies of the future.

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    HotTopics.ht and Logz.io are delighted to announce the Emerging Engineering Leaders 100 for 2021.

    This list is especially important to commemorate as a combination of rising needs for engineering and software capabilities, coupled with a talent crisis across the technology industry, forces the sector as a whole to double down on its efforts to keep the pace of innovation high.

    That’s because the technology, operations and innovation teams are paramount to the continued success of leading businesses, both emerging and global. Together, they design, build and activate solutions, products and architectures that further the customer and client experience, secure the business and its teams, and work agiley to enable the proper day-to-day functioning of companies as well as add to the continuous improvements of its annual growth. It goes without saying they should be celebrated, therefore.

    Emerging talent, however, is even more precious.

    These are the future of business success, and besides their executive leaders—who HotTopics.ht is well versed in celebrating and showcasing within our global 100 lists—are just as deserving of discovery amongst their peers as individuals doing exceptional work for their companies and for the industry itself.

    It is with this spirit that the Emerging Engineering Leaders 100 2021 seeks to showcase 100 individuals spearheading engineering and DevOps talent.



    We must reserve a special thanks to the Judges who worked hard to turn an impressive longlist of nominations into the final 100. With nominations received from all over the world, this was no easy task. What’s more, HotTopics.ht and Logz are committed to ensuring a highly diverse list, across gender and geography, and the Judges also took this into consideration when selecting their shortlist.

    Thank you to:

    Rija Javed, an experienced technology and engineering leader, having led across both functions at organizations Wealthfront and MarketFinance, before her current role at Facebook. She also acts as a Mentor for The New York Academy of Sciences and is an Advisory Board Member of Circl®, the socially-conscious leadership programme.

    Olaf Zschiedrich, the Chief Product and Technology Officer of Urban Sports Club, a Berlin-based sports and lifestyle organization, and Senior External Advisor for Bain & Company, after multiple executive and lead roles across software and engineering functions.

    David Kavanagh, the CTO of Boomin, a UK-based disruptor in the property industry. Formerly CTO of Chip, one of the UK’s most popular crowdfunded businesses, and Global CTO of Purplebricks Group, David also advises on private equity, due diligence and digital transformation.

    Louise de Beer, the Head of Software Engineering for JVR Africa Group, a South African management consultancy. An award-winning data leader, Louise is the former Head of Business Intelligence for Leadhome, and Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, a not-for-profit supporting over 1 million young people and helping 200,000 to find jobs and work experiences.



    The following criteria was used by the Judges to select the final 100:

    • A VP/Director of, or equivalent position, within engineering, DevOps and equivalent remits;
    • Showing great capacity for excellent design and methodology, proven with successful software solutions;
    • Is an emerging thought leader around automation, software development and/or IT operations;
    • Is an advocate for purpose-driven business, diversity and an inclusive working culture.

    These emerging leaders are combining cultural philosophies, practices and tools to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services rapidly, whilst evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This is what enables customers and clients to do more with the businesses they engage with and a critical cornerstone of the modern world.

    Join HotTopics.ht and Logz in congratulating the winning recipients to our inaugural Emerging Engineering Leaders 100.