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Podcast: Workplace Trends – Hybrid Working, Technology and Systems

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The panelists of this roundtable discuss what solutions technology leaders should be pursuing in order to adapt to workplace trends.

Each of the senior technology executives from a variety of sectors have shared their views and thoughts on workplace trends today. How has this affected their own places of work?

They have explored the idea that trends are indeed changing and that the workforce is continuing to evolve along with this. Are workplace trends providing those in the technology industry with more opportunities and diversifying the workforce?

Further on into the discussion, moderator Lea Sellers asked the speakers:

How has the last 12 months challenged your preconceptions of what works for your business and what doesn’t? How will your workflows and processes evolve alongside hybrid working? And should your investments be more cultural than technological to better adapt to the future of work?

Find out whether or not hybrid working settings are replacing the standard nine-to-five working office hours and increasing productivity as a result. Additionally, learn why being “geographically agnostic” is becoming increasingly more important for technologists and CIOs and their overall strategy. Finally, discover the positives and negatives of these new workplace trends which have emerged after the last 12 months.

What lessons have been learnt and how have technologists changed their way of working after the pandemic?

Delve into the latest workplace trends that are occurring within the audio, arts, education, property and healthcare sectors and what they now have in common.

Listen to these technology leaders debate workplace trends:

  • Rob Smith, Senior Director, Sales, Shure
  • Gavin Stubbs, CIO, Clockwise Group
  • Jason Oliver, Director of IT; University of Sussex
  • Alison Davis, CIO, Natural History Museum
  • Shuvankar Pramanick, CIO, Columbia Asia Hospitals.

This roundtable podcast debate was created in partnership with Shure Incorporated and filmed at The Studio.