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Podcast: Cloud Solutions: Migration, Automation and Legacy Infrastructures

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How are you reinventing your business in the cloud? What should businesses prioritize: automation, further migration or data analytics capacity? How can you keep up pace with legacy infrastructure? And what security challenges do vendors need to cement in 2021?

Listen to the speakers of this roundtable debate cloud solutions, migration, automation and infrastructure.

With Mark Chillingworth moderating, the speakers of this roundtable include:

  • Ian Sheen, EMEA Consulting Lead: Strategy, Transformation and Cloud Services, Telstra Purple
  • Nick Giannakakis, CIO, Motor Oil
  • Mudassar Ulhaq, Chief Information Officer, Waverton Investment Management
  • John O’Donovan, CTO, Allen & Overy

Cloud adoption

“Waverton have effectively leveraged the pandemic … to review the opportunities within the cloud”, said Waverton Investment Management’s CIO, Mudassar Ulhaq. He stated that before the pandemic, the organization had plans to migrate to the cloud. The pandemic, despite prompting a sense of urgency within the company, allowed Mudassar to present his IT strategy to the board. 

Improving security in the cloud

Moderator Mark Chillingworth asked the panelists: “What do you want to see the vendors to do to make sure that you are utterly secure?”.

CTO at Allen & Overy, John O’Donovan, stated: “I’d like to see more maturity in how data is managed”. He wants to focus on understanding the subtleties in managing data in different situations. “How and where data is stored?”, he asked. 

“When you drop data into the cloud”, he asked, “where does it go and who has access to it?”. John wants technology leaders to be aware of situations where data might be exposed. This isn’t limited to data security in the cloud. He argued that this is in regards to understanding how that data will be passed down and managed. His concerns were focused on how automation and infrastructure is being handled.

A higher appetite for automation

“Everybody sees a benefit in being able to take manual effort out of tasks”, said Telstra Purple’s EMEA Consulting Lead of Strategy, Transformation and Cloud Services, Ian Sheen. His view is that the more commoditized the process is, the easier it becomes to automate. His advice to other leaders is not to automate just for the sake of it and “cleanse” the process first.

This studio roundtable podcast debate was created in partnership Telstra Purple and filmed at The Studio.