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Defining the Future of Work


What is the difference between hybrid working, the hybrid workplace or the future of work, and how can technology leaders prepare for and execute strategies to adapt to them?

Keme Nzerem, Channel 4 Correspondent and award winning presenter, helps to resolve some technical and linguistic issues within the future of work topic—to help leaders better communicate their aims and strategies. The pandemic has caused a for more protracted working from home experience than many had imagined, but for senior executives the real surprise was the confusion surrounding remote working expectations between its teams and public officials. Do these technology leaders know their hybrid working from their hybridized environments?

Colin Seward, Chief Information Officer EMEAR, Cisco; Nick Giannakakis, CIO, Motor Oil; Mansi Thapar, CISO, Jaquar Group; Vukosi Sambo, Head of Data Solutions, Medscheme Holdings; Ravinder Arora, Global CISO, Infogain, discuss. In partnership with Cisco.