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Gamechangers: Capitalizing on your business’ golden asset

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Your business growth is down to the innovation of your teams. But are there some who are a first amongst equals?

Consider your business and its teams. Now center on those special individuals who’s ideas, charisma and drive directly shape the success and growth of their company. Those are your gamechangers, and it’s vitally important they’re looked after if they are to continue helping your organization thrive. Here’s how.

With Oracle’s Senior Marketing Director, Rachel Fairley, moderating, the speakers of this roundtable debate include:

  • Antonia Wade, CMO, Capita
  • Rupert Bedell, VP Marketing Europe, American Express
  • Justin Bell, Head of Marketing Effectiveness & Planning, Brand and Marketing, TSB
  • Bonnie Pelosi, Marketing Director UKI, EY

Filmed at The Studio 2019, partnered with Oracle.