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The Future of Work Episode 3: Fujitsu’s CTO, Northern & Western Europe

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The future of work is once again a business-critical question. COVID-19 has been a pivotal event in reshaping not just where we work, how we work or who we work with, but what works. No team has had a larger hand in this rapid shift than the technology team. Technology leaders therefore now have the responsibility of protecting their businesses and nurturing a different company altogether through the crisis. Their priorities pre-COVID19 were to maintain a productive workforce, a secure system and an agile culture. Have those changed in the weeks since? To understand how these technology leaders are leading in a time of crisis we committed to asking them.

In the next episode of The Future of Work Series, in partnership with Okta, HotTopics.ht interviewed Cathy Mulligan, Fujitsu’s CTO for Northern & Western Europe. She discusses how the industry itself as adapted to sudden lockdown conditions and what is expected of technology leaders as we seek to move forward.