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The Unicorn CMO Roundtable: Part Two

We found out why content is king, and what needs to be done with the looming GDPR legislation.

From storytelling to product strategy, and from data science to lead generation, the increasing responsibility of the B2B marketer represents an evolution that few could have predicted. In the second part of The Unicorn CMO Roundtable we gathered 5 of the brightest B2B marketers to discuss their approaches to the upcoming GDPR legislation, and how content marketing is used in each of their organizations.

Content is king in many of the cases, with Antonia Wade of Thomson Reuters hammering home the importance of serving different content to different audiences to enable them to “dine out.”

Although, “some want to eat at McDonald’s, and others want to luxuriate in a 5 dish tasting menu. Either way, both have the be catered for if campaigns are going to be successful.”