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The Chief Information Security Officer 100 2017

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There is arguably no more important role in business today than that of the Chief Information Security Officer. Here are the top 100 identified in association with F5 Networks.

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    As challenges and concerns around cyber security intensify at both a company and international level around the world, the men and women in charge of keeping business and national data safe are taking on an increased importance.

    Hot Topics, in partnership with F5 Networks, has therefore chosen to identify and celebrate the top Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) globally, resulting in this final top 100 CISOs list.

    The list was generated by a nomination process that ran from the beginning of 2017, which culminated in an expert judging panel curating the top 100 CISOs for 2017.

    Some examples of the criteria that the judging panel brought into consideration included whether the CISO:

    • Can effectively understand wider business goals, strategy and the potential security risks associated to them
    • Is data-driven and can highlight the benefits of making strategic security changes and business decisions using empirical data
    • Has influence over technology buying decisions
    • Has the capability to sell/evangelize internally at C/Board level
    • Has the ability to manage company image externally
    • Has experience of working within a global environment

    Mike Convertino, CISO of F5 Networks, and a thought leader in the security space, states:

    “We are delighted to sponsor the top 100 CISOs list, which is an explicit acknowledgment of the role’s growing importance and influence. Cybersecurity challenges are intensifying worldwide and there is a worrying cybersecurity skills-gap to contend with. CISOs are now actively shaping business plans as organizations adapt to a new threat landscape, but more awareness and transparency is needed. No system is perfect. The measure of an organization is how it pre-empts and responds to risk and – more than ever before – CISOs are leading the charge in this respect.”

    The launch of this list will be followed by an editorial series featuring interviews with a select group of those included in the top 100 CISOs.

    To view the 100 in its entirety, please see the interactive list above.