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The 10 gatekeepers of humanity against the risks of AI

ethics of AI ethics of AI
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Without careful consideration, Artificial Intelligence could seriously impact the future of humanity. Meet the 10 scholars, philanthropists and researchers keeping it at bay.

10 Gatekeepers of Humanity

Long fascinated by the concept of artificial intelligence, it’s taken 150,000 years of human advancement for tangible AI to become a close reality.

Once it does, the name humankind gave itself, homo sapien– man who knows- could be an embarrassing oversight.

But why are we suddenly questioning the sustained existence of humanity?

The idea that computers would eventually develop the ability to speak and think, and thus do evil is nothing new. Hollywood has shown us what could happen. Anyone who recalls Will Smith chasing a rogue robotic murderer through a futuristic Chicago will confirm.

And with advances in computer science, comes genuine concern that the billions invested by technology companies into natural language processing, affective computing and the neural networks attempting to replicate the brain, could spell the end of humanity.

Such progress has mobilized AI heavyweights, ushering them toward twitter feeds, wallets and podiums to educate the public about the importance of laying down a set of universal ethics of AI.

At Hot Topics, we celebrate the most influential leaders driving change across all sectors.

And in this list, the spotlight is on AI.

More specifically, the proponents ensuring the frameworks that underlie our future are sound and robust.

Without their work on the ethics of AI, as Elon Musk says, we could be, “summoning the demon”.

Featured on this list are some of the brightest minds on our planet- all working toward ensuring the future of AI is one socially beneficial to all.

Paul Ford for MIT Technology Review summarizes their work best:

“Like any parent, we must give our child a set of values. And not just any values, but those that are in the best interest of humanity. We’re basically telling a god how we’d like to be treated.”

The ethics of AI is a serious business.