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The 100 edtech leaders shaping the way we learn

Edtech Leaders Edtech Leaders
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Don Harder

From personalization to the democratization of learning, the power of the edtech revolution should not be understated. Here are the top 100 global edtech leaders leading the way.


In every industry imaginable, tech has been unleashed to speed up, automate and make processes more efficient.

As Marc Andreessen famously stated, software is eating the world.

Education is no different.

The learning techniques, which for so many years remained relatively stagnant, are now being revolutionized through the use of technology.

It is a noble challenge for anyone involved in the burgeoning edtech industry and one which is potentially extremely lucrative.

At Hot Topics, we celebrate the global innovators, entrepreneurs and executives who are driving change across all sectors.

In this list, the spotlight is on education and more specifically, the most influential edtech leaders driving change in the industry. And there are 100 of them..

To be featured, these edtech leaders have had to meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Set up a ground-breaking edtech startup that has set the precedent for the rest of the industry
  • Utilized tech to make a significant contribution to the educational space
  • Been a driving force in the evolution of education
  • Invested in technology that is changing the way we learn

There is no debate that tech will drive the future of education.

Edtech applies digital technology to deliver new forms of learning architecture. And it’s not just for schools and universities.

The way lifelong learning is achieved and how corporates are training their staff is also being innovated through technology.

It seems clear that the future will be a highly personalized learning environment, provided to the masses, that seamlessly adjusts based on the competence of the individual.

And with the barrier to entry so low, anyone with an internet connection can take part.

Edtech presents truly democratized access to information previously restricted to those who could afford it.

Spend on education globally is at $4 trillion every year, which means there is a huge opportunity for those who innovate in the smartest fashion.

It is time for change, and those featured on this global edtech 100 are helping shape this revolution, utilising edtech to change the way we work and learn forever.

To see the full list of the 100 influential edtech leaders, see the infographic above.