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June was a busy month for VC investment, with close to $4.5 billion injected into startups around the globe. Find out where the money went.


Every month at StrategyEye we analyze the top venture capital deals. Here’s the result of our analysis in an infographic of the 50 top startup investments in June.

Music streaming services do battle this month after Apple released their response to Spotify. But with a spate of new changes like branding updates and cutting edge software for running that picks songs based on your stride count, Spotify doesn’t plan on lying down. Having raised half a billion in VC investment, the music streaming pioneer’s 75 million listeners can expect more change to come. Isn’t competition great?

Coming second in the top 50 startup investments in June is OneWeb, also raising half a billion, its CEO Greg Wyler aims to send thousands of satellites into orbit by 2018.

OneWeb hopes to provide internet access for all and deliver fiber-optic internet to the most secluded corners of the globe. OneWeb aren’t the only ones attempting the audacious feat, with SpaceX employing drones and Google using helium balloons to get more people online.

None seem quite as promising as using good old rocket power though.

And with investors such as Qualcomm, Virgin, Coca-Cola and Airbus, could we soon be joined online by the other half of the globe? It’s about time.

A dubious area of investment has been AI, with tech celebrities like Elon Musk declaring it a serious threat to the survival of the human race.

Within a 10 year timeframe, the influence AI will have on society is set to be fascinating. Whether you agree with the SpaceX founder or not, startup investments in June saw $236 million being funnelled into SoftBank Robotics. Having created Pepper, the $1,500 robot that uses sensors, cameras, microphones and proprietary algorithms to calculate vocal and facial expressions.

It’s more likely to dance its way over to you with a hot drink than be a threat to humanity just yet.